Giving to AccessPoint RI: Ways to Give

As a non-profit organization, AccessPoint RI relies on the kindness of the community to provide many of its programs and services.

GivingSome ways to make a charitable contribution to AccessPoint include:

  • Annual Gift:  A gift made once per year.
  • Memorial Gift:  A gift made in memory of a family member, friend, colleague.
  • Honor/Tribute Gift:  A gift made in honor of a special occasion (anniversary, promotion, birthday, etc.), or to pay tribute to an individual.
  • A Planned Gift : A planned gift is a future gift and can be made in a number of ways:
    • Bequest:  Remember AccessPoint in your will
    • Charitable Gift Annuity: Assets are transferred now to AccessPoint. You, the donor, receive an immediate tax benefit and AccessPoint agrees to pay you a fixed amount of income for the rest of your life.  Amount left in the fund upon your passing will be used by AccessPoint in the manner which you intended.
    • Charitable Remainder Trust:  Assets are transferred now into a trust. The trust provides income payments annually to you and/or a named beneficiary for life or some fixed period of time.  Upon your death, the remainder of the trust is transferred to the AccessPoint.  A retirement plan can be used to set up a Charitable Remainder Trust
    • Insurance Policy:  One of the easiest ways to provide for a future gift to AccessPoint.  AccessPoint RI is the named beneficiary on the policy.
  • Special Events:  A great way to have fun, meet new people, and support children and adults with development disabilities.
  • Volunteer:   Time and talent is as important as Treasure when supporting a non-profit organization.  Consider serving on a committee to help raise money and awareness for our vulnerable population.

For more information on supporting AccessPoint, contact the Administration Office at 941-1112 ext 133.