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Supported Employment
Finding your place in the world of work

If you’re considering finding a job, we believe there’s a workplace that’s just right for you. AccessPoint’s Supported Employment service is here to help you find work in the community that matches your interests and skills.

We’ll help you obtain a job where you can earn income, make a contribution and be part of a team. Once you’re on the job, we’ll support your long-term success.

Our team of employment professionals will provide assistance each step of the way. Services are tailored to your needs and may include helping you to:

  • Discover your interests and strengths
  • Learn job-search skills
  • Develop employment success skill
  • Obtain paid or unpaid Internships
  • Explore different work settings
  • Find a job suited to your skills
  • Learn how to be part of a team
  • Build natural connections and support in the workplace
  • Grow and be successful in your job

Working together, our goal is to help you find and maintain a job you’ll enjoy. AccessPoint’s full spectrum of employment services, include:

  • Vocational evaluations
  • Skill development
  • Referrals for benefits planning
  • Job exploration and placement
  • On-the-job orientation and training
  • Transportation
  • Job coaching as needed
  • Ongoing career development

We can also help you to connect to other supportive services that are available to you, such as through the Office of Rehabilitative Services (ORS) and Social Security’s “Ticket to Work” program.

AccessPoint is committed to your employment. See what can happen when the right person gets the right job. Everyone wins! (Click here to watch a short video of Arina Kalinin’s employment at CVS)

For more information:
Rory Carmody
Director Program Services
401-942-2388 Ext 313
Rory Carmody