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Day Enrichment
Meaningful days. Connected to community.

We believe every day is a new opportunity, a chance for you to discover and enjoy what is fulfilling to you. Through our personalized Day Enrichment Services, we’ll assist you to create a meaningful day.

Our caring and well-trained staff will support you to take your place in your community, foster opportunities for friendships and community connections, and assist you to explore and develop your interests.

Everybody’s preferences are different. Your day will reflect yours. Perhaps you might:

  • Volunteer in the community
  • Garden in our fully accessible greenhouse
  • Express your artistic talents
  • Work at a job in the community
  • Enjoy lunch with your friends
  • Participate in wellness activities
  • Attend events in your community
  • Relax with a movie
  • Take a class
  • Or more, it’s all up to you!

At AccessPoint, you’ll find an atmosphere of support, where we promote respect, personal choice and personal growth. Our staff will foster your health, safety and wellbeing, and support your development of important life skills. We also offer on-site clinical resources to meet individual needs.

A wide variety of opportunities that you may want to enjoy take place in the community, so once you are on site, we provide transportation. We also offer a number of activities that are based here at AccessPoint.

Sharon Stewart
Director Program Services
401-942-2388 Ext 317
Sharon Stewart