Transition Services

Transition Services
For students 14 through 21 years old referred by local school districts

Where will your future lie? Will you have a job you enjoy? Will you be ready to become more independent? How will you get to where you want to go in your life?

School plays a crucial role in laying the foundation for adult life. Yet, the world of work and living more independently require a whole new set of skills and experiences, beyond what is learned in the classroom.

Cornerstone’s transition services create a personalized career path for students with a diverse range of needs. We provide a highly individualized approach to support students to prepare for their futures. Our fully trained transition staff is innovative in scaling a job to match a persons’ abilities and creating accommodations to enable students’ success.

Our transition services meet the requirements of the Rhode Island Department of Educations’ Employment First Policy. Students beginning at age fourteen, in conjunction with the IEP process, have the opportunity to engage in person-centered planning, create a personalized career development plan and participate in meaningful work opportunities.

We make the most of this important time of transition through providing:

  • Individual transition planning
  • Vocational evaluation and employment services
  • Job exploration and trial work opportunities
  • Community-based activities and assessments
  • Skill building
  • Job search preparation
  • Assistance to families with the transition process

To learn about contracting these services for your district, please contact our transition coordinator:

Tammy Fonseca, A.C.R.E
Transition Coordinator/Job Developer
401-942-2388 Ext 307
Tammy Fonseca