Ismara & Jamie at the YMCA

Community Support
Living independently while living with family

You and your family want the best life for you, and strive to make that happen every day. Through our community support services, we can assist you to enjoy full days, rich with the people and activities that are important to you. 

Designed for individuals living at home with family, our Community Support services help individuals to reach their life goals. We promote independence, health and wellbeing and assist you to increase your enjoyment of life and find your place in your community. Your support may be provided by a member of your extended family or network of friends, or you may opt for support by a member of our team. 

Here are some of the ways our services can help:

  • Transition from school to adulthood
  • Career planning and skill building
  • Participation in your community
  • Advocacy and support for families
  • Connection to other resources
  • Peace of mind for families

Based on your interests, we’ll support you to fill your days in ways that are meaningful for you. You may decide to:

  • Work or volunteer in your community
  • Enjoy recreational activities  
  • Enhance your safety and life skills
  • Engage in wellness activities
  • Participate in Special Olympics
  • Express your artistic talents
  • Share lunch with your friends
  • Attend events in your community
  • Relax with a movie
  • Take a class
  • Or more, it’s all up to you!

We are here for you!  As we get to know one another, and your vision for yourself grows, we can help you and your family connect to other services and resources within our organization and your community.

For more information, contact:

Sharon Stewart
Director Program Services
401-942-2388 Ext 317
Email: Sharon Stewart