Respite Services

Respite Services
Rest & Relief to Strengthen Families

Taking care of a child with special needs can be both rewarding and challenging.  AccessPoint’s respite services offer a break for families by providing specialized caregivers to care for your child.
Respite is designed to give you the chance to participate in personal activities and enjoy rest and relaxation.  Staff may also be used to provide extra support during urgent situations.
Respite offers families:

  • Opportunities for self-care
  • Specialized support in an emergency
  • Thorough screening of staff
  • A focus on the safety of your child
  • Peace of mind while away

Your family can identify its own respite staff.  All caregivers will be vetted via background checks and a thorough screening.  To add specialized skills, families may also choose to select available staff trainings that would address their child’s needs.  

Who is eligible:
Families of children who have been determined eligible by the Rhode Island Department of Human Services.  

Crystal Ducharme
Program Director
401-270-6321 Ext 202
Crystal Ducharme