Vocational and Day Services

Cornerstone Preschool
For children 3 to 5 years old

We celebrate your child’s sense of wonder and curiosity! At Cornerstone our nurturing staff creates a safe and inviting place for your child to explore, discover and grow.

Cornerstone’s preschool curriculum supports each child to begin to lay the foundation for academic learning. Through play-based activities, children develop skills that will be important for the rest of their lives.

  • Continued language development
  • Emerging literacy skills
  • Small group collaboration
  • Problem solving
  • Taking initiative
  • Exploratory math & science skills
  • Arts experiences

Through creating learning experiences inspired by your child’s curiosity, we enhance your child’s enthusiasm and motivation for learning. Our teachers are skillful at fostering your child’s growing academic development.

At Cornerstone preschool you’ll find:

  • Very small class sizes and individualized attention
  • An approach based on learning through play
  • A focus on physical, social, cognitive and emotional development
  • Inspired learning based on The Creative Curriculum and Teaching Gold Strategies
  • Daily communication with parents
  • Progress updates and parent-teacher conferences

Early Childhood Program
Amanda Kimatian
401-942-2388 ext. 126
Amanda Kimatian