For Shared Living Providers - Frequently Asked Questions

What are my responsibilities?
As an advocate, friend and mentor, you will assist the individual with:

  • Connecting to the community
  • Learning new skills
  • Living as independently as possible
  • Maintaining and developing new friendships
  • All aspects of daily living, such as financial, recreational and medical support

You will also guide the individual in making lifestyle choices that are meaningful, productive and safe.

How is the match made?

We work with you to make a compatible match. We look at many areas, such as schedules, preferences for smoking or non-smoking, shared interests, what support you will offer and in general, would you enjoy one another. You will meet, have numerous visits, including an overnight visit to get acquainted, so that you’ll both have the chance to be sure it’s a good match.

What kind of support is available?

We provide case management, 24-hour on-call, nursing and clinical support as needed.

What are the requirements to become a shared living provider?

  • High school diploma
  • 21 years or older
  • An available room with a closet in your house or apartment
  • Clean driving record
  • Able to pass a background checks and clearances
  • Valid driver’s license, insurance and car registration
  • Become CPR certified
  • Attend a mandatory orientation

What happens during the day?

Individuals may be employed or participate in community activities during the day.

Who provides transportation?

Transportation to and from work or day/community support service may be provided by the agency, RIPTA or the shared living provider can opt to provide this transportation and will be compensated $8 per trip.

Is there relief/respite?

You will receive a quarterly respite stipend.

Do I need to own my own home?

You can rent or own a home or live in an apartment.

What if it doesn’t work out?

We hope you find this relationship is a great match and will last for the long term. If there are concerns, our team will work with you to offer support and help to address issues that may arise.

Can the individual go on vacation with me?

Yes, as long as all safety needs are addressed.

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