Cornerstone Toddlers
For children 18 months to 3 years old

We know that this may be your little one’s first extended time away from home. Here at Cornerstone, we create a safe, warm and nurturing experience.

With lots of caring, individualized attention, we’ll support your child to explore, learn, grow and find wonder in every day. Our staff will build on your child’s growing sense of independence and exploration. We’ll channel all of that wonderful energy into safe and nurturing experiences that foster your toddler’s development.

Through our comprehensive approach, we’ll help your little one to grow emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially. Our staff is skillful in creating learning experiences that are just right for each child.

We’ll match our interactions to your toddler’s newly emerging growth and development. And whether it’s singing while hand-washing to teach hygiene, or guiding a small hand in a new activity, we make the most of all of the teaching moments in each day.

At Cornerstone you’ll find:

  • An approach based on learning through play
  • Very small class sizes & individualized attention
  • A balanced day with activity & rest, structure & free play
  • Support for your child’s growing sense of self
  • Daily communication with parents
  • Progress updates and parent-teacher conferences
  • Inspired learning based on The Creative Curriculum & Teaching Gold Strategies

Early Childhood Program
Amanda Kimatian
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Amanda Kimatian