Boy in pool with female staff

Our Dedicated Staff
Committed to Each Student’s Success

Our skillful staff surrounds students with the support and inspiration that promotes curiosity and the desire to learn. One of the great strengths of Cornerstone School is the caring and commitment of our staff and the way staff members work together as a team to support each student’s success.

Our expert team of multidisciplinary, licensed professionals fosters students’ health and academic progress. Our team includes:

  • Specialized nursing staff
  • Occupational, speech and physical therapists
  • Certified teachers
  • Social worker
  • Adaptive physical education teacher

Every team member works together to foster each child’s well-being and joy in learning. It’s this approach that makes Cornerstone not only a creative and committed learning environment, but also a supportive community that is a source of support for families.

Nicole Doucette
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